Welcome to Color Tools.Net

Free color tools (or ‘colour tools’ in the UK) for webmasters and web designers:

Websafe Color Picker Tool
all web-safe colors (6x6x6 = 216 colors).
Color Picker Tool
16x16x16 = 4096 colors.
Make Websafe Colors
convert any color to a web-safe color.
Color Mixer Tool
for mixing new colors.
Create Colors by RGB Values
mix color values to create new colors.
Combine Colors Tool
combine two colors into one.
Color Matcher Tool
find how well two colors match.
Compare Colors Tool
compare six color samples.
Close Colors Tool
find similiar colors to a chosen color.
Opposite Color Tool
complementary color tool.
Random Color Tool
eight random colors & their values.
Text on Background Tool
foreground text / background color combinations.
More Good Color Stuff:

Websafe Color Chart – web-safe color chart with color codes.

About Web Colors – In-depth article about color on the web.

Full Color Spectrum – Shows all colors.